How Many is Too Much?

First, just a quick note to say that while I set out a schedule for myself this year, I made it flexible for a reason. Sometimes our strongest critics as would-be writers are ourselves, and if we can’t make our own self-imposed goals, we can quickly descend into a feeling of failure. Even with my renewed resolutions meant to emphasize the process and to avoid my own doubts, they still creep in. Last weekend was no exception, and even now, I’m behind schedule. But that was why I told myself the schedule was flexible, to be kind to myself in a way I have often missed in life spent running along the corporate grind.

Anyway, that wasn’t as quick a note as it could have been – so onto the actual thoughts and ideas to share about writing. (Yes, self care is definitely an important part as well.). My projects at the present are to finish the edits of Book 2 in my World Walker Series, Through the Rabbit Hole. This is currently being held up a bit by beta readers. But as I’ve never done beta readers, and I would love to know what their thoughts and opinions are, I’m prepared to wait for what I’m sure will be worth it.

My current WIP is a serial number, one that I’ve kept in a very light vein. I want it to be fun, to have moments where I can just imagine dragons and fairies and go with the flow. Saga lives in a world full of dreams, and she comes to find that her world is full of even bigger ones. The point of Saga is to keep the joy of writing alive for however long it takes to get her story down in its barest form. So far, so good – at least on this front.

And finally, I have another editing project. Though when I say that, I should really say I have the idea of an editing project. Initially, I thought I was going to go with polishing up my paranormal take on Charlie’s Angels – one of my favorite characters I’ve ever created lives in that world. But then after watching Porco Rosso (my boyfriend is a huge Miyazaki fan, so we’re watching all that HBO has to offer from Studio Ghibli), I wanted to work on something more serious, something that had echoes of meaning in the world of here and now. The only problem with that idea is how much of a bloody, brutal rewrite that would take. That story, much as I love it, needs to be ripped apart in its entirety before deciding what parts to keep and what to toss.

So this leads me to my question: How Much is Too Many? How many projects can I work on at one time and still give each the attention it needs? How much time do I need to calculate for the little things, like Twitter and Pinterest? How much editing can really be accomplished while other projects remain alive and burning?

I don’t have an answer. At least not yet. Instead, I’m going to do my utmost to stay true to my resolution – to remain a writer (or at the very least a would-be writer), and to keep sight of the passion I have for stories. And the rest, well, it’ll be trial by error. Today, it was enough that I could regroup and go back on social media. Tomorrow, maybe it’ll be enough to review Charlie’s Monsters vs. Under a Withering Sun. And maybe by the end of the week, it’ll be enough to make a decision. I was asked in an interview when was the best time to ask for help, and my answer was something that really woke me up to my own struggles. The best time to ask for help is not when you’re drowning, but when you first decide to step foot into the sea. With that in mind, I’ll start by getting my toes wet, and work on growing the network of support around me.

Have anything that works for you when faced with too much? What is too much for you? How many projects do you think are an ideal amount for a would-be writer?

Until next time –


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