Writer’s Retreat – Part 1

Yesterday morning, while waiting for the coffee to kick in, I was skimming through my Pinterest feed when I came across a post detailing how to have a personal writer’s retreat. I read through it, enjoyed some of the suggestions, and then continued to scroll. As the coffee slowly started to fire up the synapses,Continue reading “Writer’s Retreat – Part 1”

How Many is Too Much?

First, just a quick note to say that while I set out a schedule for myself this year, I made it flexible for a reason. Sometimes our strongest critics as would-be writers are ourselves, and if we can’t make our own self-imposed goals, we can quickly descend into a feeling of failure. Even with myContinue reading “How Many is Too Much?”

The Holiday Break

I’m sure I’m not alone in remembering the joy and anticipation of the holiday break in school (not college, college always involved having a job, so there was never a full break). I won’t even get started on the joy of summer vacation. Anyway, as the stress of the holidays ramps up this year, I’veContinue reading “The Holiday Break”

Writing on an Island

I started the month of November with lofty expectations. It was the start of NaNoWriMo, I had my project all lined up, I was signed up to participate in Kick Offs and virtual Write-Ins, I’d even had the amazing opportunity to guest blog for NaNoWriMo Prep. All was going according to plan. Of course, ifContinue reading “Writing on an Island”

Creativity Needs Space

So I’ve spent the last few years in a bit of a frustrated rut. After spending nearly two months writing and doing my level best to balance all of the different tasks I’d signed myself up for I just stalled out. Part of the problem I have to think is that I’m fast approaching theContinue reading “Creativity Needs Space”

Taking a Breather

I won’t lie, when I first decided that I needed to get back into writing, I thought it would just be more about actually finding the time to write. Boy was I wrong. To start, all of the cute quotes telling us would-be writers to just sit down and write, editing will come later, it’sContinue reading “Taking a Breather”