Jack of all Trades…Master of None?

When it comes to being a would-be writer, and even a self-published author, there is so much more besides simply writing the story. So, so much more. The longer I go with trying to fill all the roles of a self-published writer, I begin to wonder, is this making me a Jack of all tradesContinue reading “Jack of all Trades…Master of None?”

How Many is Too Much?

First, just a quick note to say that while I set out a schedule for myself this year, I made it flexible for a reason. Sometimes our strongest critics as would-be writers are ourselves, and if we can’t make our own self-imposed goals, we can quickly descend into a feeling of failure. Even with myContinue reading “How Many is Too Much?”

Finding Inspiration from Others

At the beginning of the year, I set a plan to write more consistently. I also made sure to offer some flexibility in this schedule to avoid possible burn out. Flash forward a meager two weeks, and I was stuck staring at my computer screen today, wondering if two weeks in to the new yearContinue reading “Finding Inspiration from Others”

One Foot – or Chapter – at a Time

Last year, about this time, I ventured into the world of Wattpad and Booksie. Not really sure what I was getting into, I went about publishing chapters of stories that really didn’t fit an easy market. One was a little too short to be a fully novel, the other was a genre I’m not evenContinue reading “One Foot – or Chapter – at a Time”

The Inspiration to Self-Publish

As a would-be writer, there are two main things that inspire me to write. One is simple, the joy of writing. The other, a bit more complicated, and that is to feel the sense of accomplishment of having written something worth reading. Last night, my boyfriend and I watched Whisper of the Heart, a StudioContinue reading “The Inspiration to Self-Publish”

Writing on an Island

I started the month of November with lofty expectations. It was the start of NaNoWriMo, I had my project all lined up, I was signed up to participate in Kick Offs and virtual Write-Ins, I’d even had the amazing opportunity to guest blog for NaNoWriMo Prep. All was going according to plan. Of course, ifContinue reading “Writing on an Island”

It’s Just Business

As a would-be writer, I am one of many who has a burning passion to write, but suffers from a disconnect between passion and print. In the past, this has meant that I allowed myself to be distracted by the struggles of the real world. Very recently, I was in the quintessential stages of burnContinue reading “It’s Just Business”

A Needed Break

I’ve started to write down all the many, many, many steps it takes from writing a rough draft through self-publishing. The list is a bit jumbled right now. However, even as I try to put together all the pieces so that others can maybe learn from my mistakes, I find myself in need of aContinue reading “A Needed Break”

Setting Goals (when it’s only you)

In preparation of the upcoming NaNoWriMo season, I’ve been doing my best to start to get some of my ducks in a row. At the beginning of the year, I committed myself to writing more, but the last few months that has been next to impossible to achieve. However, if there’s one thing a writers’Continue reading “Setting Goals (when it’s only you)”