Update Volume 3

Oh my goodness there is SOOO much information out there about self-publishing, writing in general, forums, the like.  I know for a fact I have only scratched the surface with a single fingernail, if that, and I’m feeling just a little bit overwhelmed!

Today’s great adventure, after a more mundane job interview to pay for the increasingly expensive passions/hobbies in my life, was to set up profiles.  Profiles for what, you might ask.  Well, there is this blog, that I feel I’m not quite fully covered on, my Createspace website (which I managed to update, but still don’t have a picture for), Amazon in general (yeah, got lost on that), and Writers Carnival.  In a rare turn of events, I am going to shamelessly plug something that has almost nohting to do with me.  If you are a new writer, or you just like to put a few creative thoughts out there from time to time, join Writers Carnival.  I’ve never come across a more fun and supportive group of people.  I really expected the writing community to be all about htemselves, but so far that has not been the case.  The only small problem for me is that the writi8ng that goes on is all short, and in case you missed it, I’m far too verbose to manage something short.  High school papers were hell for me.  For my senior research paper, I fudged the page count by changing my font to 10.5 instead of 11 to make it under the 14 page limit.  Yeah, that’s me.  If I can take an hour to say something someone else could say in five minutes, I probably will.

The other, not really about me plug for the day is NaNoWriMo.  I’ve been getting more and more updates, and I am so freaking excited!!!  I loved the crazy experience of writing a book in a month so much last year, that I wrote two.  And with the running of a 16+horse barn that finally closed to setting up my on the side teaching business (please don’t tell the authorites), I haven’t had any time to just write.  Hence the push on publishing.  Here’s my tip of the day:  If you can’t write, publish.  Anyway, I have an idea I’m having to hold on tight to that I am really hoping will just be unleashed come November 1st.  Oh, those thirty days.  On the bright side, those thirty days are in my favorite month.  

Who loves Halloween?  Pictures to follow, and they will be more horse related.  I just got Maleficent horns, maybe one of my mares will submit to having her picture taken with them…

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Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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