Voices Change

In order to fully focus on NaNoWriMo 2022, I had to put aside a story I’d been working on haphazardly since May of the same year. It was a fun little story – one that could easily become a full book on its own, but also did well just to tell in snippets. This sortContinue reading “Voices Change”

Slow & Steady

In line with my New Year’s goals and plans to keep writing a part of my life throughout the year, I made the overdue move of renewing my library card. And in doing so, I came upon a book that talked about how to be a writer while also working a full time job. ThisContinue reading “Slow & Steady”

Sometimes a Step Back is the Right Direction

Only a short ten-ish months ago, I had multiple works in progress, I was active with social media, and I thought I was doing everything right as a would-be writer. Then it all went wrong, and I burned out on every avenue. It would take an entire spring, summer, and part of fall before IContinue reading “Sometimes a Step Back is the Right Direction”

Call it a Resolution, Call it a Plan

2022 was a year full of contradictions when it came to writing. There were fulfilling milestones – finishing a rough draft for the very first series I ever worked to publish, finding online communities to join, succeeding with my NaNoWriMo goals – and then there were just absolute clunkers. I went on a stretch ofContinue reading “Call it a Resolution, Call it a Plan”

Writer’s Retreat – Part 1

Yesterday morning, while waiting for the coffee to kick in, I was skimming through my Pinterest feed when I came across a post detailing how to have a personal writer’s retreat. I read through it, enjoyed some of the suggestions, and then continued to scroll. As the coffee slowly started to fire up the synapses,Continue reading “Writer’s Retreat – Part 1”

Waiting on a Song

One of the nice things about expanding my writing circle is learning that I am not alone in some of my crazier pre-writing rituals. From the world of Wattpad, I’ve stumbled upon multiple fellow writers who have an entire Playlist created just for their work in progress. Even NaNoWriMo has an option when creating aContinue reading “Waiting on a Song”

One Foot – or Chapter – at a Time

Last year, about this time, I ventured into the world of Wattpad and Booksie. Not really sure what I was getting into, I went about publishing chapters of stories that really didn’t fit an easy market. One was a little too short to be a fully novel, the other was a genre I’m not evenContinue reading “One Foot – or Chapter – at a Time”

Inspiration for the New Year

Unfortunately for this would-be writer, I have a tendency to lose sight of the inspiration to write when I’m trying to do other projects. After formatting three books to self-publish eight years ago, I lost all touch with writing for years. I would still write, still compete in NaNoWriMo, but the in-between writing was missing.Continue reading “Inspiration for the New Year”

Writing on an Island

I started the month of November with lofty expectations. It was the start of NaNoWriMo, I had my project all lined up, I was signed up to participate in Kick Offs and virtual Write-Ins, I’d even had the amazing opportunity to guest blog for NaNoWriMo Prep. All was going according to plan. Of course, ifContinue reading “Writing on an Island”

Writing on a Deadline

So I recently experienced something new – I had a deadline to write a blog post. If I were an organized would-be writer, then I’d frequently have deadlines to write blog posts. Unfortunately, I’m not nearly as organized as I’d like to me. This deadline, though, had some weight behind it. Not only was thereContinue reading “Writing on a Deadline”