Break From Routine

With the focus of my life being, for a rare change, about my writing and not my riding, I’ve decided to have a Throwback Thursday.  Horses are still the number one driving passion in my life, but with three different things wrong with my foot right now, they have to take a back seat for a few weeks more. 

The subject of this week’s Throwback is, by necessity of what my computer is willing to load, Merlin.  Merlin, registered name Exit Flight, was a true diamond in the rough.  I picked him up for a meager $250 last spring.   He had some issues, he liked to invade personal space, he had a bit of a limp from the onset of arthritis, and he wasn’t too fond of being told what to do.  Now, though, he’s the best Thoroughbred gelding I’ve ever been around.  He is also amazingly tolerant, probably largely from the six weeks we spent together last summer healing a gaping wound in his leg after he got caught up on a horse trailer. He has since gone back to jumping 4 foot oxers and running through Training level cross country courses.  He is, as I said, one of the best, and every day an absolute hoot. So, for those who can appreciate a good laugh I present Merlin dressed up as, well, Merlin.


Published by L.E. Gibler

Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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