Finding Inspiration

I’ve seen posts before about how writing is 10% writing and 90% surfing the internet. While this can be seen as procrastinating, I actually find that it can be very helpful when it comes to putting myself into the world I’m trying to create.

Recently, I made a pact with myself to start editing one of the 3 finished drafts I have while I balance other demands on my time. Most writers will quite frankly tell you that writing is easy when compared to condensing our stories down into blurbs. Query letters send shivers down the spine of most would-be writers. You want us to tell you about our story, in less than 250 words? The horror!

While struggling through some very rough cut blurbs, I found relief in searching Pinterest (the writers imaginative companion). With one character in particular, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of images that helped bring the story back to me. Here’s just a taste:

While the rabbit hole of the internet can go a very long, long way down, I think those of us who are would-be writers greatly benefit from such short trips down creative rabbit holes. The real world can be a daunting place. I know I’ve been overwhelmed by it, especially recently. Trying to balance work, horses, friends, a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man, and writing sometimes leaves one interest wanting. Recently, that has been writing, but creating two blogs (one about my lessons with horses, and this one) has helped me keep the tips of my toes in the foothold. Reacquainting myself with my characters by way of finding visual inspiration has also helped me breathe fresh air into ideas that had grown stale.

So for all would-be writers, my advice would be simple. Don’t feel guilty about searching the internet, sometimes it can be your best friend. Of course, it can also be your enemy, especially when it comes to editing and the aforementioned dreaded query letter, but that’s not why we write. We write to tell a story, and that’s what we need to hold onto.

Coming soon: blurbs for Morrigan, Rose, and Selene Aster.

Published by L.E. Gibler

Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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