Editing, the unending chore

Oh, editing, what fun…

As a would-be writer, editing never ends. There is always some story that exists that needs to be polished. And there are about 20 different layers that are involved in that polishing. I won’t lie, it can become depressing, thankless, and often something that a would-be writer gives up on. I have written rough drafts to 27 different stories, I have fully edited 3. I have semi-edited 4. That leaves 20 that exist somewhere in a gray sphere, having been written, but not ready for anyone’s eye other than mine and my most trusted writing companions (i.e. myself and Jackie, and maybe my mom – but she’s a professional editor, so even she doesn’t usually get to see the First draft – capital letter for intentional emphasis).

However, I’m not in a place right now to sit down and let the muse completely overpower me to the point of creating another rough draft. There is simply too much going on. That leaves me with the pain of editing. Of course there is so much more in the world to worry about, but I think for now, this blog will be a place to step away from the world and work on what I can control.

Now I’ve weeded it down to 3 projects to choose from for editing, and I need help. I could start in on any of them. Here is the quickest blurb I’ve come up with – and remember that we would-be writers hate condensing anything. One of these three characters will be the lucky “winner” of the editing phase.

Death First, Then Coffee: Morrigan is sarcastic, guarded, but deeply caring. Having lost her globe trotting companion to the passage of time, she starts to realize that the family lore of seeing the dead isn’t just the stuff of bedtime stories told to soothe a frightened girl who saw ghosts. However, before she can help the troubled souls of others and embrace her family’s morbid heritage, she’ll have to find her own.

Prefecture: Beginnings: Selene Aster is wise beyond her years, but she’s haunted by her inner demons. She is a part of a select group of students, whose natural aptitudes have been enhanced to combat a rise in sophisticated crime. This Prefecture Program is put in the public spotlight, a proving grounds for the modifications done to children to justify the means to an end. Selene’s gifts have been pushed to the point of near clairvoyance, and as she and her teammates work to solve their first case, they begin to realize that they’re not alone in the world – and they may not have been the first, but they may soon be the last.

Witch’s Awakening: Lady Roslyn was born to privilege, but her otherworldly wisdom is at odds with her natural naivety. In a land on the brink of war, she has been kept far from the horrors that surround her homeland. Blessed, or cursed, with gifts far beyond most of her fellow countrymen, she finds herself pulled ever closer to the war that is brewing, one that she has the power to forever change.

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