One Quick Thought

Great writing quote! I must be writing NY Times bestsellers since a good novel only requires a little crazy. ;):

This is literally just a few seconds to clarify a simple thought:

My blog is titled “Ramblings” for a reason.  Rather like a stream of consciousness blog, this is here to help unwind.  I do try to add in helpful and humorous bits about the life of being an author who doesn’t really get paid, but there are dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs out there that will go far more into depth about such topics than I ever will.  However, if you are a struggling artist out there in the world and you do happen to stumble across my blog, know that I will always try to add a touch of wry humor to the writing process in my, well, random way.

Good luck to all writers out there.  We are all just a little bit crazy, but that’s a good thing.  (Also, please note, as my mother will point out, I tend to take twice as long to say something as was absolutely necessary.  I think that’s half the fun.)

We are the stories we tell. Helping students connect their stories to other stories and to the world is part of my core teaching beliefs.:

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Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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