Nothing Ventured…

Have you made any BIG mistakes lately?  This is for you.:

One of these days, I am going to sit down and write a long blog about how much I hate statistics class, but this is not that day.

(The mistake being the fault in taking statistics to begin with)

No, this day is all about trying new things.  Those new things today refer to the self publishing platform Pronoun.  

In previous self publishing endeavors, I have gone through CreateSpace.  Anyone who has wanted to see their words in print has probably at least considered this particular avenue, but having reached a point where the old is growing stale, I decided to branch out.

For those of you who were successful with NaNoWriMo this year, Pronoun was one of the offers.  I decided, what the hell, and signed up.  Now, it has, admittedly, taken me two months to finish, but then, well, that’s life.  

Still, with a new platform, I decided to try a new everything.  Rather than the young adult fiction I have been working with on CreateSpace, I decided to throw into the world one of my more unique endeavors.  Death’s End (link to come) is about Persephone, a reaper who collects souls for Death.  And I fell away from all the previous constraints about where a plot should start and end, and I’m sure I’ll someday be reviewed mercilessly for my endeavor, but it felt so right for this story.  And what better story to share on this new platform than one that is a bit of a non sequitur?

So far, I have nothing but positive things to say about Pronoun.  They very helpfully had guidance for formatting, the process itself was painless, and I love the final product as it stands.  Going forward, who knows, but then:

I’ve decided to add on a quick note to this particular post.  While it will take me a week to have further updates on how well Pronoun works for me, and realistically even more time than that, I just want to say, again, to anyone out there who is interested, that if all you truly want is to hold your written work in your hands, then I can offer no greater option than Createspace.  I had some issues with cover and formatting when I worked with Lulu when I first started out.  They are set up almost identically, but I tried to shift my Lulu work from hardcover to soft and the images never made the cross.  So, if anyone out there is like me and just wants to hold their “precious”, then I suggest going cheap.  Worst case scenario, you can always start from scratch later (which I hope to start in on later in the year as well – updates to follow).  For what it’s worth, there is my two cents on the weekend.  Now, off to “creatively write” my research paper.  Ah, school.

Ugh, I have to use the thesaurus in order to use different words. xD

*** Spelling corrections courtesy of my mother (who has finally read my blog)

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