Ach, sprinklers.  Here at BlytheLea, our outdoor irrigation is off of a canal and metal lines that have to be moved twice daily.  It feels, after years with underground PVC, like we’ve descended to the Stone Age.  After nearly a week of trying to fix the breakage wrought by a lazy person who shall not be named, we finally, finally, got it all up and running.  Today, though, marked the first real test of having to move it all after an hour of work, simply to get them going and water some more.  Now, after this, will be time to move the lines yet again.  Oh how I miss underground sprinklers that run off a timer.  Still, we love our home and property, the horses are happy, the garden is thriving, we can simply count the sprinklers as our daily work out from here on out.  Oh, and weeding.  Sprinklers and weeding.

Off to move some more water,

BlytheLea L.E. & J.R.

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Published by L.E. Gibler

Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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