Finally, a quiet day.

After spending a hot, humid day out moving sprinklers and taking care of our herd of horses, today is a day to relax.  It is truly magnificent here today.  Sunny, warm but not hot, with just enough of a breeze to keep the heat from sweltering us as the day progresses.

Sitting in the shade and soaking this all in, it is wonderful to sit back and take a break from the chaos of our property.  We have a five year plan, and this is only year two, but sometimes it seems like we put in a year’s worth of work only to get three months of return.

At the local sidewalk show, the annual Allied Arts Show, I was horribly disappointed.  It seems the unique artists are gone, being filled in with more of the same.  Either its cutesy, over colored, or something I wouldn’t want on my property.  There were a few elements, but the old sparkle is gone. I have to admit my mum and I were heartbroken at the lack of originality.  Hopefully, as the economy starts to recover, so too will the artisans who made this a remarkable experience.  Until then, we love our house, our pets, and our life.  We can sit in the sun, enjoy a coffee, and think how lucky we are.  After all, we’re not broke after a weekend of shopping.

BlytheLea L.E.

Published by L.E. Gibler

Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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