I Have Often Dreamed

I have often dreamed…

The problem with having a blog that comes right out and says it will be a rambling bit of who knows what, is that there will never be solidarity.  I can write about nothing to my heart’s content, but what, truly, is the purpose?  I have decided to alter the premise of my blog a little.  I am truly passionate about four things in life, writing, horses, traveling, and sports (largely hockey).  But I have decided that as a struggling artist turned struggling author, I need to make a point of doing what all the know it alls out there say.  I need to write every day.  The problem with this premise is that when I write to tell a story, I write 12-16 hours a day for seven-ten days, and then the book is complete.  It is a compulsion, an obsession, and certainly not something I can break down and give helpful tips for.  But this also means that I can go months without writing until it just bubbles up inside me and bursts.  To try and make the life I lead and the one that goes on in my head more harmonious, I’ve decided to try blogging as my outlet of writing daily.  And that means having a daily topic, though I think I’ll take Sundays off.  Or Mondays, I don’t have an overflowing fondness for Mondays.  Chances are, I’ve completely lost any prosepective readers in my first paragraph, but I’m trying to learn as I go, so I’ll just keep on going.

…of a far off place…

When coming up with a reason to self publish, there are really three reasons.  Reason Number 1, you love what you do and you want to share it.  Reason Number 2, you think you can share something and gain an audience.  Reason Number 3, no agent/publisher would take you.  I confess, I’m a bit unmotivated when it comes to finding an agent.  I’ve had a tiny bit of interest, but never enough to launch my own career, and so I stopped trying.  INstead, I did what I love to do, I continued to write.  Then, I had no ability to write, I am currently suffering the worst case of writer’s block I’ve ever experienced.  Four months and counting.  So with no ohter outlets, and growing pressure from friends, I chose the self publishing route.  I am largely a self published Reason Number 1, with a dose of laziness and Reason Number 3 thrown in.  If you are looking for great insights into the self publishing world, my best suggestion is to either find someone else or stick around for awhile. I am literally learning this all as I go, and my own trials and tribulations might someday be helpful.

…where a big, warm welcome will be waiting for me…

What I have learned so far is simple: Createspace was much easier for me to navigate than Lulu.com, formatting is a pain in the rear, and no matter how much help your friends might be in promoting you, professional help is probably necessary. Having successfully checked off all but the last box, I am currently researching avenues for professional assistance. I am lucky in that my mother was an editor for the government in several avenues, so I don’t have to pay for that particular part.  I have had some success with Cover Generator from Createspace, enough that I’m not inclined to go out and pay $500 for a professionally done one.  So that leaves me with the promotional part. 

…where the crowds will cheer…

On my own, I have this blog, one on Createspace, one on Write On by Kindle, as well as a Twitter feed (@blythelea), a Facebook page (L.E. Gibler), and now an Amazon Author page.  All in all, it is a lot of upkeep but so far with very little reward.  Now, I’ve decided to test paid for services, and I’m leaning towards Self Publisher’s Showcase.  I will also, when my budget permits (please note I have six horses), attempt one or two of the Tweet Your Book promotions.  All such experiences will be duly noted here, for whatever purpose it might serve.

…when they see my face…

As one last self promotional bit, if anyone can identify what movie I paraphrased today’s song from, message me, and the first correct response will recieve a free copy of Caitiff Acadmey: The Tigress.

…and a voice keeps saying, this is where I am meant to be…

BlytheLea/L.E. Gibler

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