Long Time Gone

I’ll admit, I like the Dixie Chicks.  That might have just weeded out any possible reader who happened to stumble upon this blog.  Rest assured, I won’t be blogging about them.  It just seemed appropriate to have a shout out with the title and everything.  Anyway, moving on…

I love fall, the weather turns crisp here in Eastern Washington, the leaves start to change color, the garden finally bears fruit, and the horses become woolly.  Just as I can’t think of a single thing to detract from the beauty, the weather comes and says hello.  First there was the massive northern wind that killed my poor corn, then there was the deluge of rain (by our standards, which would not hold a candle to Marion, Alabama or Rochester, Washington rain), capped off by that beastly southwestern wind that stripped the trees of their beautiful leaves.  Say hello to winter.

Still, I love October for more than just the leaves.  I love Halloween.  Forget Christmas, and I literally have. (Working for a retail oriented delivery company over the course of four peak seasons made me selectively forget everything from Thanksgiving to New Years all four years).  Halloween is the time of year where we can afford not to take ourselves too seriously.  Okay, maybe I never do, or at least I try not to, but what other holiday lets even the grown ups play dress up and ask for candy?  If you came up with something, chances are its far dirtier than anyone but yourself wants to hear, so do us all a favor and keep it to yourself.  Thank you.  Also being a life long black cat owner, I love that every one of them has thought the holiday was theirs.  Well, and who am I to say no?

So, was there a point?  No, that’s why this blog is called Ramblings.  Its what we do.  We like to ramble, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll find someone to ramble along with us.  Randomness is always appreciated, and oddities appreciate company just as much, if not more so, than misery.  Keep on keeping on.  We’ll keep rambling on.


Published by L.E. Gibler

Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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