A Non-Linear Turn

Writer’s block. The two most dreaded words a writer can hear, see, or even think about. But the fact of the matter is that it inevitably is going to hit almost everyone at some point or another. I currently have two WIPs, and both are characters that are developed in my mind, the plot isContinue reading “A Non-Linear Turn”

Inspiration for the New Year

Unfortunately for this would-be writer, I have a tendency to lose sight of the inspiration to write when I’m trying to do other projects. After formatting three books to self-publish eight years ago, I lost all touch with writing for years. I would still write, still compete in NaNoWriMo, but the in-between writing was missing.Continue reading “Inspiration for the New Year”

Top 10 Things I Just Learned About My MacBook

This is the first entry in what will, no doubt, be along, winding path as I work to familiarize myself with my MacBook Pro.  Having never really worked with Macs (at least not since public schools), this will take awhile.  In the meantime, for those who are similarly struggling, here are the Top Ten factsContinue reading “Top 10 Things I Just Learned About My MacBook”

Queries Again? (I must be a masochist)

Alright then, I’ve realized that in my absolute need to write about how incredibly expensive even writing a query has become, I left out a few important details.  Before I delve into said details, let me point out one small, rather pertinent fact: I have never been accepted for publication by any major agents and/orContinue reading “Queries Again? (I must be a masochist)”