Writer’s Retreat – Part 1

Yesterday morning, while waiting for the coffee to kick in, I was skimming through my Pinterest feed when I came across a post detailing how to have a personal writer’s retreat. I read through it, enjoyed some of the suggestions, and then continued to scroll.

As the coffee slowly started to fire up the synapses, I came back to this idea, and like a snowball rolling downhill, it gained momentum in my mind. Why not? Why not have my own personal little writer’s retreat?

Filled with purpose, I then promptly started clean the house. This might seem like a step in the wrong direction to some, but as I mentioned in a previous post for NaNoWriMo, I need a clean space to work. Sometimes this only requires that I make the bed or do the dishes, but for something like this, it meant the whole house.

Now, the real reason this weekend bore such a need is long, twisted, complicated, and, at times, dark. The simplest answer I can give is that this weekend is the two year anniversary of my first bout of Covid. It is my first bout with a disease that has done its best to throw me off my stride nearly every single one of the 730 days since. I wanted to do something for my own self care, and making the time to write and to try new things along the way was the perfect outlet.

So, house cleaned, I found myself in need of some time mindless watching a movie. I decided that would be the first part of my writer’s retreat – “Upon arrival, guests will be treated to a movie and hot chocolate”, or something like that.

Day 1 being done, it leads us to Day 2, and the real fun. Here’s the first part, and as I keep going along, I’ll share more. And maybe, just maybe, this will become an annual thing. I’d like to think so, and maybe next time I’ll invite along a few friends. Of course, if you’re here with me today, feel free to join. It’s virtual, it’s free, and it’s a great way to connect a few plot lines that might have gotten lost along the way.

Until later –


Here’s the link to the original post that started this all:

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