In with a Bang

So yesterday, I wrote about how nice it was to have characters that are such a part of us that we can sit down and pick up where we left off whenever we want to. The tried and true, constantly evolving, but always loyal characters are a staple of this would-be writer’s arsenal – if not for them, sometimes I’d have no characters to talk to at all.

This leads us, however, to the other side of the coin – to the characters who come in with a bang, and threaten to overtake everything. They’re so powerful, so forceful, that things as simple as remembering to eat three meals a day go out the window when they finally are allowed to take hold. (I should note that while some characters can overpower simple daily tasks, no character has ever completely kept me from coffee.)

The unfortunate draw back for the characters that come in firing, is that writer’s block is very much an issue with them. If we don’t get onto paper at the very moment of inspiration their livelihood, then they may pass us by. Perhaps they find another writer to give them life, perhaps they fade back into nothing.

Some might call me crazy, but those would be the ones who have never been in a would-be writer’s shoes. Take, for example, a character I created as a strong figure, but not overpowering, in my history of my Immortals characters. When writing the Princess’s story, her cousin, Castor, came into being. He was powerful, but he didn’t take over that story. But then he crept into another. And another. And then he stood on equal footing with the main character – Scarlett – in the very end of her own story. As a would-be writer, we have to find a balance to let these characters have their tale told, but not to lose track of our original intent.

Today is the first day where I can finally let my current “In with a Bang” character start to have her voice again. She had one chapter, but there is simply no easy balance between other #wip and Lia. Lia will have her story told, and she will not care that I have a job, a dog and horse that need attention, that I need to feed myself. She’s about to take over, and for this would-be writer, it’ll be one hell of a ride. So with this in mind, I need to clean up all my loose ends, get everything in place, dinner eaten, before I let her out. Who knows how long she’ll take control.

As a side note, Lia is the great-great-great grandmother of Mary Usher from Caitiff Academy: Tigress. And she is my entry into #Wattpad #OpenNovellaContest2021. If anyone would like to read up on just where her path is taking us, please stop by and say hi.

Until next time –


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