Editing with Coffee

First of all, I’d like to start by saying that COVID-19 is brutal. It takes everything out of you and leaves just enough for you to roll over in your bed and cry. It doesn’t break you once in a day, it breaks you a hundred times. So, with that being said, I’m stuck in the house for the foreseeable future and I thought to myself, what better way to spend my time than to edit?

I highly doubt any would-be writer ever thinks to themselves, “Oh, if only I could edit more!” I don’t. Even though I’m very proficient at editing the work of others, when it comes to my own, it’s almost akin to trying to convince your pet that the trip to the vet isn’t such a bad idea after all. However, procrastinating does not do away with the need for editing, and when your creative juices have been turned to mush by a nasty virus, at least the common and practical side of writing, i.e. editing, is still there. Waiting.

My preferred method of convincing myself to work on one of my written creations is to abstain from coffee until I open up my laptop at my local Starbucks and begin. For reasons of quarantine, that isn’t much of an option right now. But…but there was a ray of sunshine when I got my first cup of Starbucks delivered today in nearly 2 weeks (thanks to my life saving boyfriend). Two weeks with no coffee!!! And trust me when I say, what I was making from the ingredients in my house was nowhere near the right thing when it comes to the creative buzz of a well prepared mocha. Having one today, though, means I have no excuse to not start working on my latest and greatest editing prize, and so it must begin again. Procrastination will now go on the back burner as the long missed espresso works its way through my veins and out my fingers.

I had 3 front runners for the editing prize. The one set in a quasi-dystopian future won the prize of being first…for obvious reasons.

Nothing helps me to reenter the worlds I’ve created better than Pinterest. And today, especially, was helpful as I had never previously created a board for Selene and her fellow prefects. Today solved that problem, and after finding pictures close enough to the vision in my mind for her world, I feel ready to start the tedious task of love known as editing. No doubt, there will be a dozen or more detours along the way.

And finally, to keep myself motivated and on task, I also re-entered Prefecture: Beginnings into Camp NaNoWriMo so that I can’t just set aside what I’ve been working on, perhaps never to return, LOL.

Published by L.E. Gibler

Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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