Down a Rabbit Hole Part 1

Oh my.  If I were being less than politically correct, there would probably be a few inappropriate adjectives as well.  Why, one might ask?  Well, let me share today’s newest journey down the Rabbit Hole.  (I foresee this being an ongoing theme in the weeks and months to come, so it will be serialized.)

3 Ways to Make Writing Your Novel Easier:

So, to begin:  I have mentioned that I am working with the new website Pronoun for an online only platform for my book, Death’s End.  I went to that site today to update a few things, and down one hole I went.

Who knew that newsletters were a thing? I certainly didn’t.  But having emerged on the other side, no doubt now in Wonderland, I have officially signed up for an account to now write newsletters to send to my readers (who I’m still trying to figure out who, what, where, when, even why they are).  Anyway, in case anyone is interested, here is a link.  For those wondering about newsletter’s as I was, may I recommend the following website:  As for the rest of us, shall we see how far this rabbit hole goes?

After I emerged from that particular hole (and I’m not entirely certain I actually have), I went down another: my personal website and Facebook page.  I don’t know about the majority of the population, but I am not a fan of Facebook.  I don’t like sharing my “relationship status”, and the amount of oversharing is truly staggering. That being said, I am well aware that there is a benefit to it form a business standpoint.  Having updated that as well as my author page courtesy of, well…

Somewhere in the middle of my day, I stumbled upon Medium.  This does, for all intents and purposes, appear to be a website just for writing and reading.  On the surface, it sounds like a lovely idea.  (But let me not forget the very best such site, Writers Carnival).  As I do need to wrap up in order to complete my weekend without stressing over upcoming exams, I did not take the time to start down yet another rabbit hole and create from scratch works.  Instead, I thought it best to share a friend of the feline variety. (Secret Agent Cat Volume 1)

Now, having updated my personal website, my author’s Facebook page, created a new account on Medium and a newsletter on TinyLetter, what is left?  Well, I think that would be for me to return to the mundane world and finish up my homework. Anything more, and there’s no telling where this Alice might end up.

11/25/14Alice in Wonderland ~ Free Silhouette File5                                        Comments                                      Alice in Wonderland ~ Free Silhouette File:

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