Bittersweet Morning

It has been two weeks since last I blogged.  I was feeling the fresh exhaustion of doing the right thing and staying up most the night for it.  I thought that it would carry.  It didn’t.  The horse I was caring for passed away after two days of recurring colic.  It was a blow to everyone involved, and it has only been in the last few days that I’ve been able to move past that cold, bitter morning.

Let’s be honest, though.  Life is called a circle for a reason.  And I will never forget the kindness and empathy that surrounded all of us affected in the days that followed.  For that I am grateful.  Do I wish it had happened in some other manner?  Of course, only a fool wouldn’t.

But if there is one thing to learn in love and loss, it is that we are not alone.  There are people out there who will come out of their way to bring you a pick me up cup of soup in freezing weather. Others who go and bring you back hot chocolate simply because your day has been so very terrible.  And these people are not my family.  They, too, came to help heal the breach.  But what is important here is that people do the right thing.  More often than not, our inner humanity can help bridge what may seem an insurmountable hole.  If we think of anything beyond our day to day lives, let it be in how we can be better than the moment.  And if we can draw anything more to move on with, let it be that we are all capable of this kindness.  It falls upon us to do what is right when the moment calls for it.


Published by L.E. Gibler

Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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