Back in the Saddle, sort of

So sorry to have missed out on the blogging world for a few days, but anyone who has ever had horses knows that for all the wonderful things they bring us, they can also put us in bed for days to weeks on end. 

In the grand scheme of accepted superstitions, injuries always happen in 3’s.  This year, said injuries have all involved my horses and my back.  First, my injured Thoroughbred (who thoughtfully bowed her tendon Christmas morning), Wish, ran me over and cracked my neck into my spine.  Laid up: 6 weeks. Secondly, I crashed and burned in a 3’6″ jump combination on my younger Thoroughbred, Myth.  Laid up: 6 weeks.  Then, just this week, the Standardbred we loving call Bucky Bo clipped my back while trying to get a fly.  Don’t ask for details, please.  As it is, well, that’s another injury, in yet another part of my back.  This time, though, the recovery time will be shorter.  I’m already considering getting back in the saddle.  It’ll hurt, but so far this year, I don’t think I’ve had a day that hasn’t.

My family, when this sort of thing happens, tries, in varying degrees of seriousness, to convince me out of riding.  My parents know better, but it doesn’t stop from the half hearted try.  I know the sport I have chosen is a dangerous one, but with my track record, I literally have been hurt getting out of bed in the morning.  Better to stick with the devil you know, or something like that.

Where does this put the farm?  Well, luckily, short of a few more weeds, we’re at a stage of rest that leaves us time to recover, me in particular.  But, as BlytheLea is about more than just gardening, we are also about sewing and riding, well, I guess everything’s going to be on hold for a few days more.

I planned on sharing a photo or two to introduce the culprits, but sometimes my phone just refuses to cooperate about much of anything.  Will have to make sure that is included in a later post. 

BlythLea L.E. rambles on home

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