Not so Helpful Helpers

Just a quick update here.  The garden is starting to take off.  Our planted from seed melons and squash are quickly gaining on the bought plants, and in a few days, I think, will pass them.  Tani, our oldest of our equine herd, has always loved watermelon.  We plant one for her every year. 

 However, the problem with the garden is our puppy.  Count Nikolas Ilyavich Rostov, Nikki for short, has taken to helping in the garden.  He likes to walk where we’re watering, run through our melon patches and our corn spirals (our corn will look like a landing platform for aliens soon).  However, we love him, so we have to accept this and smile.

And here he is!  Okay, that was about all I had to share today.  Thanks for those who visit, feel free to comment. Now we’ll be sitting out back waiting for the grass/plants to grow.

BlytheLea L.E. and J.R. (and Nikki)

Published by L.E. Gibler

Writer, rider, and future crazy cat lady

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