The Problem With Weeding

The problem with weeding, besides that fact that I hate to do it, is that the process usually ends in injury.  This time, it began with an injury, and now I am miserable and my mom has thrown out her back.  It is a never ending cycle.  I would love to say that with all this misery came result, but after planting all morning, well, it will take awhile to admit results.  However, I will finally have pictures to post and prove that this is working when the corn and peas do pop up, and, thankfully, the weeds are much more controlled.  That means the picture might even look nice, too.

An additional problem with weeding is the prolonged sense of misery.  Yeah, there are proper ways to weed,  I worked for UPS for four years.  I know the ten rules to proper lifting and lowering, but sometimes a stubborn weed or patch of grass just makes you so focused on destroying the invader you forget the mechanics of your own body.  That, however, is not the additional problem.  No, that would be the fact that sitting down to sew will hurt for the rest of the day too.  C’est la vie, and la vie hurts right about now.

Signing off…

BlytheLea L.E.

P.S. Feel free to leave comments, questions, and if you’d like to see what we’ve accomplished so far, our shop name is  Mumaroo and we are on Etsy and Facebook.

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